Motherboards and their Functions

You’ve heard the term thrown around a lot, but few really know what it means. What is a motherboard, and what does it do for a desktop computer or a laptop? In the grand scheme of computer and laptop parts, how important is it?

The answer: very important. A motherboard is the main circuit board in a computer, where all other circuit boards can be connected to. It provides the connection between all other hardware of a computer system, making its role amongst other computer and laptop parts extremely crucial.

There are several signs of a broken motherboard or if your computer needs motherboard repair. The first sign is that it does not boot when you turn it on—everything on your system is connected by the motherboard, so if you’re in need of motherboard repair, then this is the first and biggest indication things are broken. Whether it’s a desktop or laptop motherboard repair issue, sometimes a screen comes on indicating failure with certain desktop or laptop parts. Some other failures can mean issues with other things, like the video display, hard drive, operating system or even the power supply.

Motherboard Repair vs. Motherboard Replacement—What Should You Go For?

Most tech experts agree that it’s generally better to opt for motherboard replacement over motherboard repair. This is mainly because motherboards have no moving parts, so a broken one might mean a factory defect. To do effective motherboard repair, you almost always need to have the factory tools. And since most motherboard repair issues surface after around the first 100 hours of use, it is simply more economical to return and go for motherboard replacement under warranty rather than try for motherboard repair.

Laptop computer repairs are no different when it comes to motherboard replacement. Even though laptop parts are all self-contained in a single unit within the laptop or notebook, it is much easier to replace than try for a laptop motherboard repair. Tinkering with motherboards, the so-called “heart” of your machine, is more complicated in smaller units. Only professional technicians and manufacturers can successfully perform a laptop motherboard repair or in this case, motherboard replacement. Some experts say that with motherboard replacement, you can’t substitute certain laptop parts, like a motherboard, unless you get one with the exact same CPU and board, which might, in the long run, create an even bigger problem. It’s best to leave these decisions and repairs to a professional who knows his way around your machine.

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