What is Ransomware?

Encountering malware and spyware is a risk when it comes to browsing the internet. Without the proper knowledge, it becomes harder and harder to protect your personal information. With that in mind, it is important to know which viruses run rampant on the internet. They are ready to infect your computer, and unless you can diagnosis the signs and symptoms, your computer security is in jeopardy.

Ransomware is one virus in particular that can infect your computer without your knowledge. Even worse, it locks certain features, making them impossible to access without some form of payment. Hence the “Ransom” part of the name.

Blocking access to your computer’s features is the simplest form of ransomware. Unfortunately, more malicious versions of this virus exist. Other versions of this virus will blackmail you, threatening to release your computer’s contents online if you don’t pay a fee.

How Can My Computer Be Infected by Ransomware?

Ransomware can infect your computer when you download a dangerous file. You might think that avoiding this type of malware is easy. After all, all you would have to do is avoid downloading suspicious files. However, you would be wrong.

Ransomware uses a Trojan, which is a computer program that disguises itself as a safe download. It presents the malware as something familiar, making you more inclined to download the program. Some Trojans like to attach themselves to emails or pretend to be antivirus software. Once your download the program, your computer is infected.

How Do I Protect My Computer’s Security?

The first step would be to invest in some form of virus protection. Early detection of ransomware will prevent the virus from encrypting and locking your files. However, virus protection can only do so much to stop ransomware in its tracks. Hackers are constantly creating new versions of ransomware, making it difficult for your security system to the malware before it embeds itself into your computer.

Some viruses are designed to work around Antivirus software. Unfortunately, some software is not as smart as you would believe. They can be easily confused, and it takes a human eye to detect certain malware.

If you fall victim to ransomware, then you should seek a computer repair company to help you out. An IT specialist is an expert who can remove the malicious software. In fact, they specialize in the removal of different types of viruses. Just think of them as the hostage negotiator, freeing your data from those who want to take advantage of you.

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